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Luxe Asian Massage of Fort Myers, FL area offers a relaxing atmosphere and stress relieving massage services. We are licensed massage therapists who are here to help you with your relaxation and relief needs. We offer several massage techniques that will help you with your aches and pains.

We specialize in deep tissue massage and Swedish massage among many. Our establishment also uses advanced equipment and offer complimentary amenities. We are proudly serving communities in Lee County.

You can rely on us to provide you with quality and professional service.

Learn More About Luxe Asian Massage:

  • Deep Tissue Massages
    • Deep tissue - A very deep pressure massage for the desired relaxation and pain relief, more intense movements and techniques.
    • Swedish - A very gentle and relaxing type. Relaxing the entire body by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes.
    • Deep Swedish - Based on the Swedish massage, uses strokes across the grain of the muscles. A medium deep pressure massage.
    • Combo - A combo massage includes Chinese shiatsu by fingers, Japanese shiatsu by feet, Thai massage by stretch, and Korean massage by elbows. Other types include sport, medical, Tui na, and reflexology. Combo can include a deep or soft massage.
    • And other massages
  • More Massages
    • Sports
    • Forehand - A type of massage therapy that involves two therapists working simultaneously, creating a choreographed massage.
    • Medical
    • Hotel home - Any combination of massages that you can have done at any location convenient for you. One hour is the minimum.
    • And more

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